PHP : Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_open()

it's cause of the IMAP extension is not activated in your php.ini

C# - Parse Twitter HashTag to link

If you want to add the hashtogs from Twitter timeline , here's how you want to do :

C# - detect string to link

detect a URL in a string and convert it to a clickable link

C# - Get Newline in Textarea

This one is simple solution .....

string info = TextBox.Text;
info = info.Replace(System.Environment.NewLine, "<br />");

C# - Get Vimeo ID from Vimeo Url

I use this method to get only Vimeo Id in Vimeo Url :

jQuery - detect for touch only device

If your website includes features that only available to devices with a touch screen , you not need to use external Modernizr libraries only use function below

Umbraco - if else statement inline with razor

Razor will add the quotes automatic (class = "active")